Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Statement of Purpose? Design Plan for Photo Essay

Statement of Purpose/Design Plan

My audience is my classmates and my professor; because each of my classmates will get a chance to look at my photo essay. The context will be a normal day of class, but we are going to pull up our essays on our computers and we will move around the room looking at each other’s essays.

My anticipated expectation for evaluation is that people will understand and get a chance to see what it is like to have Juvenile Dermatomyositis. I hope that through the photos people will also see the emotional experience that it is to have JDM. My story will talk about how my cousin Caroline went from having a completely normal life to it all changing in a few weeks. I will show photos of how she looked and felt “normal” and healthy, to pictures of her illness and how her body changed physically. For my essay, the argument is that even when something gets us down, or someone tells us that we cannot do something. We need to stand up and try again and prove people wrong. We are stronger than the rough times in our life, and we grow from every experience we overcome. Some anticipated needs that I still have about my argument is that I know that I am not trying to convince someone of something and that their really is not anything to argue. Who is going to argue against that we need to be humble in bad situations? I would like my readers to understand that there are bad things in this world, if they did not already know that, but sometimes they can have very good outcomes. Just because something bad happens to someone, does not mean that they will not overcome it. When they do they become a stronger person. I want to show how illnesses can change people’s lives for the better and how they make us who we are. My argument is that even though some of us have illnesses that we should not let them define us although they are a part of us, it is not all that we are. I want my audience to agree with my argument and to see how it is possible to achieve all of this.

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